Coast and Company

It’s not every Sunday where I get to head out bright & early for breakfast. Not only was it breakfast, but breakfast in the East.

Sundays are usually days for me to stay in, sleep in & simply sloth my day away. However, thanks to my morning facial appointment (that I was dragged to go for), I had a good Sunday breakfast.

Where I headed to was Coast and Company. Located just off Frankel Avenue, this corner shophouse didn’t stand out much. Right smacked next to landed property and an empty walkway, I would walk pass it thinking it’s just another house. Only to take a look & realise, “oh, I’ve reached”!

Apart from that, this cosy little corner exudes a mix of industrial & homeliness, which is what I hope my future home looks like!

Grey walls, wooden benches, metal table & chair legs with wooden table tops – I love the layout & interior already!


With a really tiny menu (it’s folded into 3), with 5 mains on one side & drinks menu on the other, there’s not much you can choose from. But I guess that’s alright, cause sometimes, too much of one thing makes you good at nothing. My sissy & I then settled for The Coast Breakfast & the Egg Mayo Croissant!


The portions are surprisingly big & extremely filling! Definitely fills the tummy of a medium sized eater (like me). I wouldn’t say big eater, cause some people can really eat! Hahaha.

The salads that came together was a mix of rockets & spinach with some sort of red wine vinegar dressing which tasted really good.

There was also a twist to the scrambled eggs, using chinese chives. As well as their egg mayo, with the addition of japanese cucumbers. Overall, it was a delightful meal & I’ll be back!!

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