Two | Bash x Slake

It’s been a crazy month of September and it’s a bittersweet goodbye to that month. The entire month has been filled with meetings, projects, meetups and tons of planning.

I mean that’s fine, really. I love being jam-packed and pilled to the brim month in & out, but I tend to forget that I do have a primary role in life (for now) – being a student. Yes, the sad fact of life as a student always crashes into me and reminds me that it is time that I face reality and come back to planet Earth.

So to backlog on the things that have been going on the past month, let’s start with the highlights.

Highlight #1: Annual Bash & Pageant

Yes, so there it is! The event that I’ve been working towards for the past 4 months. I wasn’t expecting to be that excited with the months leading up to Bash due to small issues at the start, but I’m glad & beyond contented with the role I played and what was in store for me!

Held at the famous night club along Jiak Kim Street, Zouk has been THE place where we’ve held our annual pageant & bash. Many may not have stepped into Zouk anytime before 11pm on a normal night, but I did & I came in real early.

Timecheck: 12nn. That was when I stepped into Zouk. Blasting aircon, house lights switched on – I manage to see the place in all its glory. All I can say is, it is very different from what you usually see.

As a final year student, the feeling of being part of bash was kinda sad for me. I was glad that everything was finally coming to an end (come on, it’s my fifth semester, 2.5 years have gone!), yet I didn’t want it to go. As they say, all good things must come to an end, yeah? So it did & I’m thankful for every single person who has been there with me since day 1, appreciate it totes.

Highlight #2: Annual Formula 1 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix

This has got to be the LONGEST title ever. Really. Through the fast few races, it has been Singtel Singapore Grand Prix, having 2 Singapores in one line, looks weird. That aside, we’ve got a new title sponsor this year & as you can tell, it’s our own airline, Singapore Airlines. Apart from the color changes, everything else felt pretty much the same. Worked with the same faces as I’ve did over the past 3 years, met a few new faces & definitely did not regret taking this up amidst my submissions. (It’s an annual phase, I complain about it all the time) The weekend zoomed past in a flash (pun intended) & good things #2  came to an end as well. I never liked events ending, but it has to, otherwise we’d all go crazy.

Highlight #3: Post F1, Ops Dinner

Yes, with every event, there is a ‘Thank You’ dinner for all our efforts paid off. Being in ops, we’re like a mini family & I am always grateful for that. So we had our dinner at Slake. This place is definitely a hidden gem! I wasn’t expecting this gem to be hidden in such a quiet estate, but it is! Even amidst it’s ulu-ness, there was quite a crowd who came walking in while we were there. Alright, enough talking, I’ll let the pictures bring you through my experience here.

Featuring my amazing dishes that I had that night. Talking about all these are making me crave for it! The highlights for that night were the Coconut Cream Clams and the Wagyu Rump! These two are definitely to die for! I can’t describe how good these are, so you need to try it to believe it.

Slake is located at:
15 Swan Lake Avenue, Singapore 455711
Opening Hours: Mon-Thurs 6-11pm, Fri-Sat 5pm-12am, closed on Sundays

How to get there:

  • If you drive, you can park along the private housing area.
  • By bus: 42 from Kembangan MRT, stop at the stop after Opera Estate Primary School & walk in
  • By train: stop at Kembangan MRT & take 42 OR walk from Bedok MRT

That’s all I have to share. See yallz.


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