Three | The Holqa Cafe [Closed]

Hello there!

It’s been quite some time since I last posted. Reasons being, I was away slogging my life studying for finals. As every student will worry about, grades and what finals bring. That aside, I am now one free person to finally get back to posting.

Ever since my last paper, I’ve been up to quite alot of things. Been packing myself back to back with tons of activities, pretty much to ensure that I will not get bored during this holiday season. However, main highlight was, I’M BACK TO CAFE HOPPING! (pops confetti!)

Okay, not exactly hopping, but getting back to the casual cafe visits. This time, I visited a new store, located in the lovely (lower) East Coast. Opened by a very daring friend and his wonderful girlf, this was the fruit of their labor.

Holqa Header
Holqa Header

Presenting to you, The Holqa Cafe. Holqa means Link in Maltese. Why Holqa you say? You should ask the owners the reasons for having this name. It was such a sweet story, it definitely will make you grin upon hearing their story. That aside, on to the food! Inspired by what is good and simple delights, Holqa serves up really comforting food within their cosy store.

Aglio Olio with Asian Pulled Pork
     Aglio Olio with Asian Pulled Pork

The first thing that caught my attention was Asian Pulled Pork. The greedy meaty lover in me definitely wanted to have a go at it, so I jumped on the Pork-y boat and ordered Aglio Olio with Asian Pulled Pork (S$13.90). When it was served, I could see the generous streaks of pulled pork, so three cheers for that!

Aglio Olio with Asian Pulled Pork (1)
        Aglio Olio with Asian Pulled Pork (1)

Apart from that, each mouthful was filled with pork and spaghetti which is good! Small improvements would be that more salt could be added to give a bigger boost to the dish. Also, I heard that my dish was not as oily as the previous dish served! So cheers to the head chef for making changes IMMEDIATELY! Haven’t really seen it happen before, so I was quite surprised with it, honestly. So yes, that’s the mains I had. Note to self and for all of you, try the other dishes as well! I heard that the Pulled Pork with 3 Cheeses Sandwich is good stuff too!


So for coffee, I had the Latte (S$4.50), but the Capp shot was prettier, so here goes! Latte Art needs a tad bit more work, but the coffee base is definitely worth it! They serve Ethiopia’s Geisha beans, which is perfect for the rainy day when I was there! I heard the best drink was the Iced White (S$5.50), will try it out on a not-so-rainy day.

Salted Caramel Slice
                  Salted Caramel Slice

Of course, who doesn’t have desserts after meals? Actually, we had it before, but ohhwell. This is the Salted Caramel Slice. Each bite was filled with salty and sweet, it was AMAZINGGGGGG. Only downside was that it was cold and slightly hard, but the flavours were still all intact.

Salted Caramel Slice (1)
                Salted Caramel Slice (1)

Another shot from top down, definitely in love with this slice, ahh, now I’m craving for more.

If you would like to come down and check out this new place, here’s the address:
37 East Coast Road, Singapore 428755
Opening Hours: Closed on Monday, Tuesday-Thursday & Sunday 12nn-9pm, Friday & Saturday 12nn-10pm

Happy eating yall & see you soon!



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