Four | Home-made Blueberry Jam

Hello there!

So the holidays are here & I got kinda bored at home. Apart from catching up on the serials that I have missed out during my exam period (cue Brooklyn 99, BEST EVER!), I decided to raid my fridge for things that I could cook up. Most of the time, I’m not the one cooking things up in the kitchen. This would go to my mum (best cook ever) or my sister (the mini baking goddess). I, on the other hand, am only good at following recipes and adapt along the way, making it “my own”.

For this recipe, I took reference to the one posted on RecipeGirl, and tweaked the amount of ingredients based on what I had at home. In the event that you’re not intending to make that much jam, here’s what I used during the jam making process.

Home-made Blueberry Jam

  • 1 pint of blueberries (125g)
  • 2 tablespoon of sugar (I used brown sugar in this case) / raw honey (if you’d prefer)
  • Half a lemon (you need the juice actually)


Other things that you require would be potato masher, a small pot (depending on how much jam you’re making) & a stove.


  • Rinse the blueberries and pour them into the small pot, adding in sugar as well.
  • Pour in the lemon juice and mash all 3 ingredients together to give a paste. This would result in the juices coming out of the blueberries, making it quite watery.
  • Put the pot over a low/medium heat and continuously stir. This would allow the thickening of the jam & not let the jam burn.
  • Taste to see if it is sweet enough, otherwise, you may add more sugar/honey to sweeten the jam.
  • Once thicken, allow the jam to cool in the pot before transferring to container of choice.
Step 3: Boil over low/medium heat
Step 3: Boil over low/medium heat

This is how it should look like after mixing the lemon juice, blueberries and sugar.

Final Product - JAM!
Final Product – JAM!

Upon cooling, just place the jam in any container that you like & ensure that it is airtight! After which, store it in the refrigerator & you’re good to go! Either give it away as Christmas presents (yayy, homemade!) or have it on your own!


As for me, I love it with the simple french toast πŸ™‚

Spread the love & have a great holiday!

Till next time,


2 thoughts on “Four | Home-made Blueberry Jam

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