Five | Marmalade Pantry

Hello friends!

It’s been quite some time since I wrote, so since school’s out (yay, holidays!), why not get back to some writing!

So a few weeks back, I got the chance to attend a media tasting session with Burpple (thanks guys!), at Marmalade Pantry! For most of you, you guys prolly heard about it for its Truffle Mushrom Risotto or their Carbonara, or their cupcakes and desserts. As for us, we were introduced to their new dishes, which were additions to the existing ones, since sometime in February! So what we had included the French Toast, Lobster Barley Risotto, Miso Lobster Burger, Lemon Citrus Tart & Sticky Date Pudding.

The Miso Lobster Burger set on a bed of lightly toasted fries & consisted of generous chunks of lobster bits glanced in their miso sauce! I must say, this was definitely a stunner! I guess after the whole hype of Lobster rolls & burgers, Marmalade Pantry decides to jump on the bandwagon themselves & came out pretty well!

My top favorite of the night definitely goes to the Lobster Barley Risotto! For all the health conscious out there, look no further for a dish that allows you to enjoy as much as the original, without worrying about sinning! The barley was cooked pretty well & was able to soak up the lobster essence & was accompanied with small chucks of carrots & beans! The mushy, yet crunchy texture makes it easy to eat & the lobster chucks were just right as well! A dish that I can easily wipe & clean it up, all by myself! 😁

As for desserts, I would say the Lemon Tart was a great citrusy ending after having so much savory food! The sour punch was just right & it was easy to finish! Personally, I preferred having it on it’s own, while some others with me actually enjoyed it with the cream by the side. After all, Marmalade Pantry does pride itself with good desserts, so they do not fail on that part, for sure!

I’m really grateful for being given this opportunity to try out really good dishes alongside people who are crazy over food as much as I am! Really can’t wait to grab more soon!

Till next time!



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