2016 | New Year, New Experiences.

2016 4 Jan
New Year, New Experiences. [Insta: @alhsx]

Yet another year has began and 2015 flew by just like that *snap*. 2015 was a year filled with various milestones – from completing my final semester in school, to graduation, to clearing my internship, getting a contract job and finally, landing myself in a full-time job.

Finding a job was probably one of the toughest things that I had to do. Partially due to the fact that I was lazy, finding a job and securing it only meant that I had to officially let go of what I have had held on to for many years – adolescence. Finding a full time job meant; being an adult, holding legit responsibilities and actually having to be responsible for the things that I am doing. Not that I have not been a responsible person, but it meant that I could no longer run away or hide away from the things that needs to be done, cause the only person who has to do it is, well, me.

That aside, it also meant that I had to set my priorities right – what people want me to achieve in life, what I really want to achieve in life and what I really need in life. I know, I will probably take quite some time to figure out all these things, but it’s never too early to start, is it? Besides, I’m not getting any younger, or that time is on my side, judging from how I have already started my new job.

Till the next time I share again, about life or food (hopefully food, cause everyone loves food).



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