SEVEN | Top 5 Waffle Spots in Singapore

Thanks to the blistering heat & the constant search for good desserts, especially waffles; I realised that there are certain places that I can always fall back on. Be it whether it’s a 5 minutes wait, or a 50 minutes wait, I will still head back no matter. Based on my personal list of favourites, and the types of waffles that I like, allow me to let you crave for some right now.

Each cafe / waffle-making store does differ in terms of type of waffles. There are the crispy ones, soft ones, fluffy ones and some that are soft, yet fluffy, or crispy, yet fluffy. My personal favourite would be crispy on the edges, soft & fluffy on the inside. I realise that it isn’t easy making the perfect waffles and in all honesty, everyone would have their preferred choice when it comes to waffles. Without further ado, let’s get wafflin’.

#1: Creamier / Sunday Folks

My personal favourite and go-to place for waffles, would be Creamier. It’s a favourite not only because of the close proximity it is to my place, but also thanks to the large variety in flavours that makes me spoilt for choice whenever I’m there. However, there are always flavours that I order which you’d definitely not go wrong ordering and this includes Sea Salt Gula Melaka, Roasted Pistachio, Thai Milk Tea & Earl Grey Lavender! But apart from the flavours, what makes it my personal favorite is the waffles that goes with it!

IMG_2016-04-04 21:31:31
Sea Salt Gula Melaka & Pistachio \\ Creamier

Crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside, it’s probably the best you can get! Pair it with their homemade ice cream, a drizzle of maple syrup and chocolate sauce, you’ve got the best of both worlds! Good news for those who stay nearer to the West, they have another outlet in that area as well!

Located along the shop houses at Chip Bee Gardens, their sister store, Sunday Folks smells and looks like a comfortable kitchen that you wouldn’t want to leave. Apart from a larger seating space and a variety of cakes offered, Sunday Folks offers soft serve, rather than normal ice cream.

IMG_2016-04-04 21:31:46
Pistachio Soft Serve \\ Sunday Folks

With the popularity of Creamier flocking towards the West, it is no doubt that the store is packed on a daily basis! Do expect a waiting time of at least 15-30 minutes, on top of waiting for your waffles whenever you visit either of the outlets.

#2: Assembly Coffee / Atlas Coffeehouse

Before the Circle Line/Downtown Line, coming here would’ve been a major nightmare if you didn’t have a car. Even the walk from the nearest bus stop would have to depend on how nice the weather was. Thankfully, with the Botanics Garden station, coming here is just a 3-5 minutes walk away, and still having to brave that little bit of sun/rain. However, that is be well worth it once you’ve settled into the cosy space of Assembly Coffee. [EDIT: Sorry guys, Assembly Coffee has officially closed its doors.]

With just a long communal table and a few small circular/squarish table for groups of 3-4 pax, you’d find yourself sitting elbow to elbow with your friends and salivating over the smell of waffles and coffee in the air.

IMG_2016-04-04 21:31:19
Waffle and Ice Cream \\ Assembly Coffee

Fortunate for those studying at the NUS-Bukit Timah Campus, this little outlet is such a stone throw away. What makes it to my list of waffle places is the crispy exterior and fluffy interior. As you can already tell, these are the two most important attributes to make it to my waffles list. Although fluffy on the inside, there is still body to the waffles, without making it to airy-fairy that leaves you feeling as if you were eating air bubbles instead.

Just two bus stops down, you’d find the new Atlas Coffeehouse, a sibling of Assembly Coffee. With an Instagram-able industrial interior with a touch of marble slabs, that’s my #housegoals in the making. With Atlas Coffeehouse, a much bigger interior with a gorgeous high ceiling makes it much more spacious as compared to the older sibling, allowing you to gather around longer tables with your friends. Apart from that, they also serve a larger variety of savoury dishes, which is completely different from what is being served at Assembly Coffee.

#3: Five by Five

Tucked inside the fairly new Thomson V, Five by Five is another go-to place for waffles! It was listed as ulu cafe in one of Yahoo’s articles, but it ain’t ulu for me. With Thomson being the supper joints haven and also, with my favourite coffee joint around the area, Five by Five was easy to find.

IMG_2016-04-04 21:31:50
Thai Milk Tea Ice Cream and Waffles \\ Five by Five

Their waffles clearly made it to my list with a crispy exterior and fluffy interior, but only downside would be that it’s a little thinner as compared to the above two. However, what’s good would be that their ice cream is homemade too and they do have pretty unique flavours such as Thai Milk Tea (cause who doesn’t love it), Matcha (which I heard is really good) and Bubble Gum (that pastel pop of colour). Apart from their waffles, I love their very simple, yet classic side snack of Nachos. Nachos baked with cheese, with a side of warm nacho cheese and salsa, I could have it all day everyday.

#4: Strangers’ Reunion / Waffle Slayer / Curious Palette

Next up, would be another group of sibling stores, Strangers’ Reunion, Waffle Slayer and Curious Palette. Located along Kampong Bahru, Strangers’ Reunion started out as a small cosy store that served out simple brunch, waffles and was known for their popular cuppa – Magic. This was also the first place that got me started on the whole cafe hopping trial back in 2014, where cafes were sprouting up one by one. Looking back, I can’t remember how I kept track of all the cafes that were open/opening and which I had visited.

With the store getting popular, Strangers’ Reunion expanded and re-opened a few units down and kept the old unit, which is what you see as Waffle Slayer, today. While Strangers’ still serve up their brunch affair and some waffles, you can try their assortment of waffles from their sibling store, where you’d be spoilt for choice.

IMG_2016-04-04 21:31:42
Waffles with Berries, Granola and Vanilla Ice Cream \\ Curious Palette

Earlier this year, the team from Strangers’ opened another outlet closer to town, which served up another set of menus and their popular waffles as well. Curious Palette caught my attention with the minimalistic signboard upon entry, and the use of loads of glass and natural light. That aside, their waffles never really changed much, from the first time I had it. Crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside. Only thing that changed, due to many factors, would be the price tag, but nothing too costly that you wouldn’t want to say no to waffles.

#5: Artistry

This my friends, is the best part of having brunch and dessert on one plate! It’s not the most ideal photo cause I snapped it a really long time ago, but it is good, you have to believe me. I’m just waiting for it to be back on the menu so that I can taste the goodness once again. Artistry is located within the Kampong Glam area, where you’ll see walls upon walls of hand drawn / painted designs by artists local and afar.

Waffles with Bacon, Maple Syrup & Ice Cream

What makes it so good is the combination of sweet and savoury on one dish. Oh, how the flavours would just explode in your mouth with the different textures of crispy waffles, crunchy bacon and smooth ice cream. This is definitely one of those, apart from their PB&J French Toast, that I would not miss out on ordering whenever I’m there!

So there you have it, my top 5 spots for waffles in Singapore! If you guys know of more places that are a must-try, do drop them in the comments below. I’ll be more than willing to have a go and let you know my thoughts on it.

Till the next time,
A x



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