[GIVEAWAY] MEDIA INVITE | Nouvelle Fusion Kitchen & Bar

Hidden on the second floor of S*CAPE, is a modern, classy Japanese-fusion restaurant, Nouvelle Fusion Kitchen & Bar. Don’t be fooled by how glamorous the place is, the prices are pretty affordable! I heard that the interior was designed by the boss herself, talk about hands on work!

IMG_2016-05-07 22:18:43
Cushion Seats, for two, or for a group!
IMG_2016-05-07 22:18:47
Entrance to Nouvelle Fusion.

Similar to most Japanese conveyor belt structures, Nouvelle serves not only sushi, but canapés on the belt too, going at a flat rate of $1.50 per plate! It includes bite-sized pieces of grilled beef (so good), tartlets of Truffle Mushroom with Feta, hawaii tartlets and many more. Apart from the canapés, your usual sushi and sashimi slices are on the belt as well! If you don’t see them there, you may order them from the iPad’s that’s attached to every table. Simple, easy and fuss-free!

Before you get started on the items on the belt, have a look at their mains and their assorted teas, which comes as a full flower! As their main focus are the canapés and items on the conveyor belt, the mains available at Nouvelle are limited. Although limited, they ensure that each item is done skillfully to ensure that you’re satisfied!

IMG_2016-05-07 22:18:55
Duck Confit (S$22)

First up, we had the Duck Confit! As with every Duck Confit, everyone’s main concern would be the texture of the duck. Good thing about the Duck Confit was the crispy skin and the soft tender meat on the inside. Atop a layer of pumpkin puree and decorated with fresh floral petals around, each dish looks like an art piece on its own!

IMG_2016-05-07 22:18:36
Beef Sirloin (S$18)
At $18 a portion, you might just be surprised at the quality of the beef! This dish consists of Grilled Australian Meltique Beef, with grilled Zucchini on the side with Pumpkin Puree and Red Wine Yakiniku Sauce. Succulent chunks of meat that melts in your mouth makes it an addictive dish for everyone who loves red meat!

IMG_2016-05-07 22:18:24
Truffle Cod Risotto (S$22)
Next up, we had the Truffle Cod Risotto! With the Asparagus stacked neatly like the towers on MBS, we couldn’t help but laugh at the similarity. Pan Seared Cod with Truffle Risotto, Asparagus and Beetroot Pickles, the plating once again was spot on! Only downside was that the truffle risotto didn’t have the umami flavours of truffle and tasted more like more cream risotto.

IMG_2016-05-07 22:18:32
Curry Chicken Risotto (S$18)
Another Risotto main that we had was the Curry Chicken Risotto! A blend of eastern & western, the curry risotto tasted like like pretty well-cooked curry risotto and was topped with a chicken cordon bleu which added a nice touch to the Eastern-directed dish.

IMG_2016-05-07 22:18:20
King Salmon Belly (2 for S$8)
Apart from the mains, we also ordered some sushi dishes to have a go! One of our group’s favourites are the Aburi Salmon! Perfectly torched slabs of salmon atop sushi rice tasted so good, we could just go for more anytime.

IMG_2016-05-07 22:18:51
Assorted Sashimi
As with every Japanese place, what is a Japanese food with sashimi! Fresh and succulent slabs of meat was exactly what this dish was presented as! An interesting part of the dish was that they served it with a side of Shoyu Foam. Something different from the usual, the shoyu foam allows for a somewhat different mouthfeel, while essentially fulfilling its duty as a complement to sashimi.

IMG_2016-05-07 22:18:15
Matcha Fantasy (S$8)
A simple looking dish that looks much like tiramisu and tastes really good, as described by matcha lovers! The cute little ‘watermelon’ on the top is actually mochi! Super adorable for a dessert & making it pretty eye-catching.

IMG_2016-05-07 22:17:46
Osmanthus Infusion
A fairly traditional dish, Osmanthus isn’t one that’s liked by many. However, Nouvelle has done a simple dish and had it pimped up a little! The combination of strawberries and osmanthus was just nice, making it a pleasant end to a dinner!

Good news for everyone who has read till this far! In collaboration with Nouvelle Fusion Kitchen & Bar, we’ll be giving out 10 vouchers to 10 of you! Follow the instructions below to have a shot at winning these vouchers!

  • Like either my Facebook or Instagram post
  • Follow Nouvelle Fusion Kitchen & Bar on Facebook & Instagram (@NouvelleFusion)
  • Leave a comment on either Facebook or Instagram with “Liked & Followed”
  • Do all these by this Saturday, 21st May, 2359h
  • Winners will be announced on Sunday, 22nd May on both platforms!

Shout out to Nouvelle Fusion Kitchen & Bar for hosting us & letting us try all the goodies!

Nouvelle Fusion Kitchen & Bar
2 Orchard Link, Scape, #03-03, Singapore 237978
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 10:00pm


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