MEDIA INVITE | Yogurtland Singapore

Entrance to Yogurtland [Credit: Yogurtland Singapore]
Hitting the shores of Singapore is one of USA’s largest self-serve frozen yogurt brands, Yogurtland! With their inaugural flagship store opening in Singapore, you’d be pampered with the chance to try out over 200 different flavours of frozen yogurt, which changes every 2-3 weeks!

The yogurt from Yogurtland is 100% important from California, USA and is made from real Californian cow milk, which as said by Mr John Carlson, the Vice President of Development for Yogurtland, that California cows are happy cows! Best part of it as well is that for each flavour, the ingredients are sourced directly from the country of origin, allowing it to be authentic and extremely fresh.

Frozen Yogurt, with toppings.

As flavours do change every 2-3 weeks, you’d be in for a surprise whenever you step into the store! At every one time, there will be 8 different flavours made available to you, which you can sample and try before deciding which you should have.

As a self-service kiosk, you’d get to decide on how much yogurt and toppings you’d like to go into your cup, so you can either pack it up real tight, or leave space for more flavours. The yogurt is charged at $3 per 100g and will be weighed at the end after you’re done pilling up your toppings.

The toppings includes fresh cut fruits, nuts, cereal, sweets, chocolates and even bubbles bursts and mochi!

Create your own art piece! [Credit: Yogurtland Singapore]
Toppings Counter 1 [Credit: Yogurtland Singapore]
Toppings Counter 2 [Credit: Yogurtland Singapore]
With a wide variety of toppings, you’d be spoilt for choice over which to add, but do remember to be quick as you’d want to make sure you get the most photogenic shot to get a chance to win an Apple Watch!

As an ongoing promotion till the 15th of January 2017, simply snap a photo of your yogurt creation at the 3 photobooths provided and hashtag the following #YogurtlandSingapore and #WatchmyYogurtland to enter the contest! Do check out their Facebook page, or Instagram page for more details!

Special thanks to the team from Bless Inc. Singapore for inviting us to the grand opening of Yogurtland Singapore!




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