Kaisen Tei Signboard
Kaisen Tei Signage

Kaisen Tei, a new Japanese casual dining concept opened by the team from Ministry of Food! You would have probably heard of Ministry of Food, as they have a string of Japanese concept stores under them, such as MOF My Izakaya, DANRO Japanese Hotpot, Dolce Tokyo, Tensho and many others alike.

Replacing the space that Dolce Tokyo once sat in, Kaisen Tei is the newest addition to the MOF family which serves up signature donburi bowls which suits palettes of both the young and old crowds.

Kaisen Tei Outlet

Fortunately for us, we were given the opportunity to head down on the opening day of Keisen Tei, and was given a glimpse of their newest concept store. Located conveniently on the third floor of 313@somerset (#03-41), your Japanese rice bowl cravings can be easily satisfied whenever you’re in town.

We were treated to the Signature Kaisendon, Signature KaisenSalad, Pork Katsu Curry and had a hand at creating our DIY Donburi. Unfortunately, as we arrived slightly later, (we missed the huge lunch crowd) there were a couple of fish options that were unavailable, but nonetheless, we still had quite a number of other options available.


First up, we had the Signature Kaisendon ($16), which consisted of fresh sashimi cubes of Salmon, Maguro (Tuna), Mini Hotate tossed in their signature Kaisen Sauce and topped with Ikura, Sesame Seeds, Wasabi and Ginger on a bed of Japanese Akitakomachi rice.

Signature KaisenSalad

Next up, we had the Signature KaisenSalad ($16), which consists of the exact same thing has the Kaisendon counterpart, just a healthier version! Instead of rice, it is being replaced by a bed of fresh lettuce, giving you the opportunity to decide whether to sin to the fullest, or opt for the healthier option.

DIY Donburi

We also had our hands-on experience in selecting options for our DIY Donburi! You may select from 2 sizes, either Small or Medium, followed by a base of either white Japanese rice, or salad. Afterwhich, go ahead and choose either 4 toppings (Small) or 6 toppings (Medium). You may choose from a variety of 8 types of fishes, and also top up a little more with 11 different toppings such as Fukake, Unagi, Mentaiko, Tobiko etc. Then choose from their 4 Signature Sauces – Kaisen, Yuzu, Wafu and Yukiniku and you’re ready to go!

From the list of sauces, my favourite was the Wafu sauce, which had a hint of fried shallot, making it extremely savoury! What’s usually used in most items is the Kaisen sauce, which is a popular favourite as well.

Pork Katsu Curry

Have a go at your DIY Donburi if you have some time to spare while you’re walking around town, otherwise, fear not as there are preset alternatives for you!


Shout out to Ben from Ministry of Food for extending this invitation!

Kaisen Tei
313 Orchard Road, #03-41, 313@somerset, Singapore 238895
Opening Hours: Mondays to Thursdays, PH & Sundays (11:30am – 10:00pm), Eve of PH, Fridays & Saturdays (11:30am – 10:30pm)

Till next time,


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